If you want True Healing

. . . Dig your hands in the dirt.

While the ground beneath our feet may feel shaky, the state of the world unsure — the connection that dirt digging generates in the body is a stabilizing and harmonizing influence. The calm within the storm. The quiet within the chaos.

Where do I go for therapy? My garden. Who is my therapist? Mother Earth. My medication? Heirloom seeds.

We get to choose. . .

Which seeds go where? What fruit and nut trees will grow alongside our children?

The rich dark soil, so full of soul, so eagerly awaiting our joyful collaboration, our warm touch and grateful embrace. It will give and give unyieldingly. It is the only place where $100 in seeds will transform into $1500 in produce. It is where we can feel true connection, feel God’s heart more closely, begin to provide for our own nutrition, show our children the beauty of seasons, hard work, joyful labor, and then taste the fruit of love.

Calm your spirit, seed your passion, and heal your soul. . . Within the soil. 




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