Focusing Amidst Chaos

When our perceptions have been that of living from the Outside>In, mayhem and unrest will be the prevalent sensations coming in during this deeply transformational time. When the darkness present on this planet comes into our focus, undoubtedly anger and disgust will be the prevalent emotions. There is so much mass upheaval and unrest in our collective field that it is impossible to not feel it affect the physiology in some way.

Let us remember to tune IN. To operate from the empowered space of living from the Core. From the Inside>Out. When that seemingly simple equation is reversed, the effect is one of imbalance and instability. If the Earth’s atmosphere was indicating what the Earth’s core should do, then it would possibly lead to eruption, or extinction, or any other undesirable symptom.


Brace yourself. Remember your truth. Remember you are cosmic matter in a divine physical orchestration of cells. No matter how crazy it gets “out there,” letting that crazy dictate your state is catastrophic. Anger is a viable catalyst. Active participation in healing the injustices and inequalities on this planet is important. But taking action from an authentic, connected, inspired, and fired-up space is far more impactful.


We are all interconnected and interwoven within this blanket of existence. Every seemingly inconsequential withdrawal into fear, does create a ripple effect of consequence. For better. Or worse.

We are the helm of the ship. The wind patterns are what they are. They can gust, they can upturn, they can be peacefully still. But we choose how to steer the ship. Or even, if we continue to guide the boat. We can give up and wallow in despair. Or we can choose to respond from an autonomous state to what the external conditions are eliciting from us.


Sailing at Sunset by

Reverently Kneeling

This shaky, unstable, cracked, bent world has me on my knees in complete surrender. Undeniably I am reaching for God with more fervor than ever before. It has all led me to His feet.  How are we well, how are we here, how is this all orchestrated with such Divine Love?  It’s just miraculous. We must be so Loved.


My life has stripped the illusory veils, I am left raw and in awe at how little I control and how yet safety and love are alive and present.

“My hands are lifted up. My heart is ready to receive, A Blessing From You” ✨ God, thank you. Oh how you bless us indeed!

Also . . . . THIS SONG!!!!!!

Through the Chaos

Within the maelstrom, we find clarity. Through the pressure, the diamond is formed. Imagine a life of never ending peace and constant positivity. It’s just not possible. Shit happens. We’re meant to grow. No one is immune or exempt from feeling the demands to be here now in this. We can opt out, but if we choose to stay in, we have to dive in and fully immerse ourselves, no holds barred.

Moments of respite we receive are sustenance to carry us forth, not moments to collapse into, so that we may return to our commitments with fervor and compassionately stand our ground for the sake of evolution of Self, restoration of Earth, and remembrance of the Sacred. Our perceptual clarity becomes muddled within the false comforts of surety and predictability. We are not controlling things and surrender is required. Grace and Miracles are the Truth within every moment. Let’s come back to the Path with Full Faith.

Through the upturning and tilling of the soul’s soil, the dirt becomes oxygenated and activated to nourish and grow the fruits of our spirit. Stand wise with open eyes and a grateful heart and trust that if there is breath in your lungs, each inhale contains purpose and potential, each exhale feeds the trees. Let’s not waste our breath.

Life is unpredictable and unavoidable. And we are fully and completely held by Cosmic Love . . . If we just Trust and Believe. ✨

Simple Nourishing Tropical Shake


As a busy family of 5, we seek some simple recipes that can be quickly whipped up to nourish and feed us — preferably in a fun way! Now that the temperatures here in Western North Carolina have warmed up, we are seeking more smoothies and cool salads in our daily dietary repertoire. Here is a recipe that my son Ale’ (age 6) created today, and we loved it!

  • 2 mushy juicy organic oranges
  • 1/2 organic avocado
  • 2 cups cubed papaya (seeds removed / those are great to set aside and dehydrate. . . then place in an empty pepper grinder and use in place of pepper. It’s full of parasite-killing enzymes, instead of gut-irritating pepper! Also has the same flavor profile!)
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 tray of spring water ice cubes
  • dash of stevia powder or drops of liquid stevia
  • pinch of natural salt (sea salt, himalayan rock salt)
  • 1 tsp whey powder
  • any other nutritional add-on’s

Note: Any other tropical fruits go great in this shake! banana, mango, kiwi . . .

Add all ingredients to the blender, adding in the ice cubes last, and blend until smooth. Pour into cups and enjoy with a smile on your face and the sun on your cheeks! ☀️

If you want True Healing

. . . Dig your hands in the dirt.

While the ground beneath our feet may feel shaky, the state of the world unsure — the connection that dirt digging generates in the body is a stabilizing and harmonizing influence. The calm within the storm. The quiet within the chaos.

Where do I go for therapy? My garden. Who is my therapist? Mother Earth. My medication? Heirloom seeds.

We get to choose. . .

Which seeds go where? What fruit and nut trees will grow alongside our children?

The rich dark soil, so full of soul, so eagerly awaiting our joyful collaboration, our warm touch and grateful embrace. It will give and give unyieldingly. It is the only place where $100 in seeds will transform into $1500 in produce. It is where we can feel true connection, feel God’s heart more closely, begin to provide for our own nutrition, show our children the beauty of seasons, hard work, joyful labor, and then taste the fruit of love.

Calm your spirit, seed your passion, and heal your soul. . . Within the soil. 



From 4 to 5

Hey friends! As of a month ago, we are a family of 5. Welcomed our sweet daughter Goldie Rei into the world and we are feeling the love and giving THANKS! Birth and life are just so outright MIRACULOUS.

All three of our children were born the same way: via unmedicated and undisturbed birth. I am left standing in awe at the incredible way that body.mind.spirit merge to allow for a human to be conceived, grown, birthed, nursed & nurtured. It all amazes me. The perfection of design from seed to sprout. I feel inspired to write more on this, as the very nature of it is too vast to quickly express.

Our daughter has already opened our hearts in such a new way. The love we have for her is so gentle and profound. I would say that the feeling of love for our sons is of a different element. More of a tough love? Since they are toddlers and completely full-on! Alot of tantrums, running around, loudness, testing the limits, making a mess. We love them so! But it’s a different feeling with a daughter.

Our life is so full. Our Subaru is so full. And so is the hamper and the sink! It’s so much more work being a family of 5, but I like to say that it’s just MORE. More chaos, more messes, more love, more hugs, more laundry, more laughs. More “I love you’s” is my favorite though. I am already in a state of reflection at how very big this change is for us. The leap from one child to two was monumental. The shift from two to three feels like a quantum leap. I gladly say yes to doing the work & my heart feels so full. Yes, I go to bed at night completely exhausted, but the feeling of gratitude and nature of nurturance somehow gets me through it. And up again early the next morning to do it all over again.

When their tummies are satisfied, mine feels like I ate a feast. Seeing them smile lights up a star in the heavens for me each time. Their cries and discomforts cut me like knives. Supporting their joy, contentment, and peace are my mission statement for each and every day. It is a love so unconditional and primal that I wonder who I was before I had them, as I feel like I have found myself (my TRUE self) since they have been earthside. I felt like a nurturing person before having children, but the reality of child rearing has tested every layer of my strength, patience, and resolve. They have taught me that I pull myself up by the boot straps in the face of challenge. That sometimes tears show true strength. And that kisses on booboos really do heal them. They have taught me to open my heart (fully), trust life (entirely), and say my prayers (constantly).

With love, Nalla


Our Consolidated Offering

Just a quick note to inform you of our new website, which is a consolidation of our offerings — GROUND to HEAL! We are excited about this, as each unique service we provide comes straight from the heart. As with everything, it will continue to be an evolution, but this is what we share in its most raw form. Visit; We are based out of Black Mountain, Asheville, and Chimney Rock, NC.


Gardener’s Longevity Workshop

My husband has been teaching quite a lot locally these days, about functional movement and ways to integrate natural exercise into  common everyday activities (hiking, gardening, carrying your children & babies). His many years of delving deeply into varying movement philosophies and methods has led him to this most recent offering. Some of his classes include Hiker’s Longevity and Gardener’s Longevity, here in the Asheville, NC area. I know this is last minute (divine timing?) but wanted to post up the flyer for this weekend’s event, just in case you are local to the area and are interested. We live in Black Mountain, NC and this next class will be hosted at Roots & Fruits Market in Black Mountain (a great community-centered health shop, garden, and restaurant). This class will be geared towards teaching techniques for gardening in proper form, so that back pain and any such symptoms do not manifest. Enjoy gardening with greater ease and reap a greater harvest. For more info email us at or visit our website

With love, Nalla & Taylor



Bridging Our Dreams With Our Realities

Wishful thinking alone will not get us to where we want to be. We have to actively create and embody that which we strive for! I think of it as a harmonious blending, or compatible synastry, of Saturn (structure) and Neptune (dreams). It feels so expansive and exciting to tune into our Neptunian visions, but without the foundational work, the reality may greatly suffer. I see this sort of “let down” happening in others and myself at times, when there is the expectation that Universe will just “take care of it.” For example, wanting to be Abundant and Prosperous – wondering when the Cosmos will drop that million dollar check off at our doorstep. How does the saying go? “God helps those who help themselves. . .” 

My husband and I are in process of building our homestead in the mountains, as well as raising our young boys (ages almost-4 & almost-2) and we see over and over again how what we imagined it would be actually takes much work to create. It is not a “given.” To see our boys joyful and content means much attention, nurturance, patience, and tending to. Every meal needs to be cooked with love. Every story needs to be told in an engaging manner. Tidying up has to be made fun, in song and with levity, in order to really “get it done.” Our greatest focus right now is guiding them lovingly & showing them their world/their place in it as divine beings. We raise them with a Waldorf-centered approach, and while it is not the easy route,  it is the natural choice for our family unit. It feels right at the core. But it takes much preparation, inclusion, and PATIENCE (again, the magick element). It is much easier to crank out a meal while hurriedly chopping vegetables and rushing through it, but what increased joy it brings us a family to involve them in the process, to let them chop carrots with their crinkle cutters, and feel their play infuse their reality. So much of letting them experience for themselves means alot of letting go for us as the parents. Letting go of perfectionism, constant orderliness, illusions of control. The carrots they’ve chopped will definitely be of differing shapes and sizes – but still taste oh so good! Our baby feeding himself pasta, vegetables, and sauce in his highchair will definitely mean a messy bib, floor, and face – but the joy of seeing him gain independence! Perhaps their greatest dreams are simply to be self-guided creators – to feel their unique influence on this planet. We are giving them the foundational tools to experience that fully! But it’s not always the easy road. 

I remember being pregnant with my 1st child and truly idealizing motherhood and childrearing. “I will not say ‘No’ to my child.” “My baby won’t cry much since I’ll have provided a soft birth, nursing, closeness.” “My life will maintain a certain sameness, with just a new addition.” Oh boy, was I in for it! Not knowing what was ahead. Temper tantrums, power struggles, screaming, crying, irrationality, messes, the need for my constant attention. I thought babies emerged as all-knowing wizards, that they just required love and letting them be. That if treated with kindness and respect, they wouldn’t require the word No. Again, I stand greatly corrected. I was seeing through the rose colored glasses of Neptune. Saturn needed recognition. I finally have come to see and understand that our desired realities (manifested dreams) can come about through hard work, simplification (of everything!), gratitude, prayer, and immersion in the natural world. These are the magick ingredients that have consistenly yielded the most favorable results. This is my Rainbow Bridge – the light that connects what I thought would be with what is. 

In the world of thought and ideas, things can seem incredibly simple, with no groundwork to support the ease. Even words have an uncanny way of making the messiness appear orderly. Ever try to put incredible hardship into words, and then realize how little justice they do to paint the picture? Our present day “culture” supports over-intellectualism, perfectionism, and get-rich-quick schemes. It does not wield the tools of patience, dedication, and seasoned strength. It’s a fast food pace with creations made of sand instead of brick and mortar. I value the anient, the sacred, the timeless. And I realize that all I value most requires my active participation and involvement. I cannot sit on the sidelines and expect the game to go to my liking. Let’s get real, get grounded, and take every action step required to bridge our dreams with our realities. We can do it! One step at a time. . .

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” -Thoreau

I Bring You Warm Light

This time of year, we mostly find ourselves cozy by the woodstove, sipping hot herbal beverages, sharing in the warmth of our inner light. . . Isn’t loving laughter the most warming?

My husband and I enjoy being as resourceful as possible, and that means that we like to tread as lightly as we can in a small-carbon-footprint kinda way. For us, that means nighttime brings the glow of homemade candles moreso than the running of electric bulbs. Add to that, the magic of beeswax and essential oils, and you’ve got a mighty match. (pun intended!)

We love our homemade candles so much, that I decided to offer them up to the world-at-large. So here we are, Fire Fairy Lightworks – for handpoured, mason jar contained, essential oil scented, beeswax enriched, lovingly crafted candles! I also encourage the re-using of mason jars and will gladly make candles at a discounted rate for such vessels.

Let’s all tread lightly together and share in a warm glow. . .

Made with love by Nalla –
Simple natural lighting by Fire Fairy Lightworks