From 4 to 5

Hey friends! As of a month ago, we are a family of 5. Welcomed our sweet daughter Goldie Rei into the world and we are feeling the love and giving THANKS! Birth and life are just so outright MIRACULOUS.

All three of our children were born the same way: via unmedicated and undisturbed birth. I am left standing in awe at the incredible way that body.mind.spirit merge to allow for a human to be conceived, grown, birthed, nursed & nurtured. It all amazes me. The perfection of design from seed to sprout. I feel inspired to write more on this, as the very nature of it is too vast to quickly express.

Our daughter has already opened our hearts in such a new way. The love we have for her is so gentle and profound. I would say that the feeling of love for our sons is of a different element. More of a tough love? Since they are toddlers and completely full-on! Alot of tantrums, running around, loudness, testing the limits, making a mess. We love them so! But it’s a different feeling with a daughter.

Our life is so full. Our Subaru is so full. And so is the hamper and the sink! It’s so much more work being a family of 5, but I like to say that it’s just MORE. More chaos, more messes, more love, more hugs, more laundry, more laughs. More “I love you’s” is my favorite though. I am already in a state of reflection at how very big this change is for us. The leap from one child to two was monumental. The shift from two to three feels like a quantum leap. I gladly say yes to doing the work & my heart feels so full. Yes, I go to bed at night completely exhausted, but the feeling of gratitude and nature of nurturance somehow gets me through it. And up again early the next morning to do it all over again.

When their tummies are satisfied, mine feels like I ate a feast. Seeing them smile lights up a star in the heavens for me each time. Their cries and discomforts cut me like knives. Supporting their joy, contentment, and peace are my mission statement for each and every day. It is a love so unconditional and primal that I wonder who I was before I had them, as I feel like I have found myself (my TRUE self) since they have been earthside. I felt like a nurturing person before having children, but the reality of child rearing has tested every layer of my strength, patience, and resolve. They have taught me that I pull myself up by the boot straps in the face of challenge. That sometimes tears show true strength. And that kisses on booboos really do heal them. They have taught me to open my heart (fully), trust life (entirely), and say my prayers (constantly).

With love, Nalla



One thought on “From 4 to 5

  1. Congratulations! I think of you often and love checking in on your blog from time to time. Sending love and hugs.

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