About Nalla

Hello, my name is Nalla Maria. I am a wife and mom to three brilliant little ones (ages 5, 3, and 1). I love a life full of healing, helping, and enjoyment of healthy pleasures. Nourishing food, inspiring company, music and art all fuel my soul. My path has allowed me to become a Reiki Teacher and Lymphatic Decongestive Therapist, to provide service to those who can benefit from my offering. Having aligned with the life path of Reiki in 2009, I have been grateful for its energy every single day since then and am eager to share the loving, healing energy that is Reiki with as many people as possible. The day-to-day is incredibly busy in my household, with two toddlers and a baby in tow! A mama’s job is never done! In a “past life” I used to enjoy submersing myself in stacks of books and researching for hours on end. Although now my new duties do not allow for that! I am usually busy cooking, cleaning, tending to the babes, cooking, cleaning, and tending to the babes some more 😉 But I make sure to infuse my days with as much magick as possible. For I realize that it is even in the mundane that immense magick can be found! It is an honor to be a mother. It is an honor to be a wife. I have transitioned from a maiden to mother, and I am learning what my new role in this world means.

As far as hobbies go, I’m super into herbalism, creating a sustainable homestead at our property and home, sewing, writing, and connecting with Nature. To me, Nature is sacred, and my connection to it is sacred too. I am a big believer that our human consciousness and intention can help us bring this planet into harmony. And restore the sacredness of the earth. That is my calling. And it is no small feat. My greatest focus right now is to raise my children in a healthy/natural way and live harmoniously in connection with the Earth.

Our little family! (The Hamptons)
Our little family! (The Hamptons, NY)

My husband Taylor and I live in Black Mountain, NC with our three children, where we love on the earth, enjoy each other, and remain humbled by the very vast beauty of life.

Thanks for stopping by Divine Timing, and I trust that you will feel welcome here! ❤

Qi Gong in the Sun (Asheville, NC)
Frolicking among the misty forest (Bar Harbor, Maine)
With my boys, enjoying the elements!
With my boys, enjoying the elements!


IMG_8577 copy.jpg
Our wild and crazy family!

5 thoughts on “About Nalla

  1. Great web site.Wish you all the best in your journey.Keep in touch.Your support to me while you were in Florida made a big difference to keep me fired up on teaching Organic Gardening even when resources vanished:Your encouragement and support meant a lot.Thank you.

    Tony the Organic Urban Farmer-Lake Worth -Florida


    1. Hey Tony! So great that you have found my blog! So happy that I was able to support your awesome farming business while in Florida. Let me know however else I can help from here in NY! Definitely missing those great starfruit and heirloom tomatoes that you would harvest. Many blessings!

  2. Hey Nalia, We know your pregnant, and since you don’t have a facebook anymore, Can you please post some pictures of yourself and the baby (if he/she has been born), we’d love to see your face and glow ❤ hope all is well up in NY 🙂

  3. Nalia ould like to connect, I have just started giving xp2 treatments at a farm we have in Pa called the farm of peace.( Please look us up). Have many friends in Ashville. Home things are moving forward for you with many blessings.

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