Gardener’s Longevity Workshop

My husband has been teaching quite a lot locally these days, about functional movement and ways to integrate natural exercise into  common everyday activities (hiking, gardening, carrying your children & babies). His many years of delving deeply into varying movement philosophies and methods has led him to this most recent offering. Some of his classes include Hiker’s Longevity and Gardener’s Longevity, here in the Asheville, NC area. I know this is last minute (divine timing?) but wanted to post up the flyer for this weekend’s event, just in case you are local to the area and are interested. We live in Black Mountain, NC and this next class will be hosted at Roots & Fruits Market in Black Mountain (a great community-centered health shop, garden, and restaurant). This class will be geared towards teaching techniques for gardening in proper form, so that back pain and any such symptoms do not manifest. Enjoy gardening with greater ease and reap a greater harvest. For more info email us at or visit our website

With love, Nalla & Taylor




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