Bridging Our Dreams With Our Realities

Wishful thinking alone will not get us to where we want to be. We have to actively create and embody that which we strive for! I think of it as a harmonious blending, or compatible synastry, of Saturn (structure) and Neptune (dreams). It feels so expansive and exciting to tune into our Neptunian visions, but without the foundational work, the reality may greatly suffer. I see this sort of “let down” happening in others and myself at times, when there is the expectation that Universe will just “take care of it.” For example, wanting to be Abundant and Prosperous – wondering when the Cosmos will drop that million dollar check off at our doorstep. How does the saying go? “God helps those who help themselves. . .” 

My husband and I are in process of building our homestead in the mountains, as well as raising our young boys (ages almost-4 & almost-2) and we see over and over again how what we imagined it would be actually takes much work to create. It is not a “given.” To see our boys joyful and content means much attention, nurturance, patience, and tending to. Every meal needs to be cooked with love. Every story needs to be told in an engaging manner. Tidying up has to be made fun, in song and with levity, in order to really “get it done.” Our greatest focus right now is guiding them lovingly & showing them their world/their place in it as divine beings. We raise them with a Waldorf-centered approach, and while it is not the easy route,  it is the natural choice for our family unit. It feels right at the core. But it takes much preparation, inclusion, and PATIENCE (again, the magick element). It is much easier to crank out a meal while hurriedly chopping vegetables and rushing through it, but what increased joy it brings us a family to involve them in the process, to let them chop carrots with their crinkle cutters, and feel their play infuse their reality. So much of letting them experience for themselves means alot of letting go for us as the parents. Letting go of perfectionism, constant orderliness, illusions of control. The carrots they’ve chopped will definitely be of differing shapes and sizes – but still taste oh so good! Our baby feeding himself pasta, vegetables, and sauce in his highchair will definitely mean a messy bib, floor, and face – but the joy of seeing him gain independence! Perhaps their greatest dreams are simply to be self-guided creators – to feel their unique influence on this planet. We are giving them the foundational tools to experience that fully! But it’s not always the easy road. 

I remember being pregnant with my 1st child and truly idealizing motherhood and childrearing. “I will not say ‘No’ to my child.” “My baby won’t cry much since I’ll have provided a soft birth, nursing, closeness.” “My life will maintain a certain sameness, with just a new addition.” Oh boy, was I in for it! Not knowing what was ahead. Temper tantrums, power struggles, screaming, crying, irrationality, messes, the need for my constant attention. I thought babies emerged as all-knowing wizards, that they just required love and letting them be. That if treated with kindness and respect, they wouldn’t require the word No. Again, I stand greatly corrected. I was seeing through the rose colored glasses of Neptune. Saturn needed recognition. I finally have come to see and understand that our desired realities (manifested dreams) can come about through hard work, simplification (of everything!), gratitude, prayer, and immersion in the natural world. These are the magick ingredients that have consistenly yielded the most favorable results. This is my Rainbow Bridge – the light that connects what I thought would be with what is. 

In the world of thought and ideas, things can seem incredibly simple, with no groundwork to support the ease. Even words have an uncanny way of making the messiness appear orderly. Ever try to put incredible hardship into words, and then realize how little justice they do to paint the picture? Our present day “culture” supports over-intellectualism, perfectionism, and get-rich-quick schemes. It does not wield the tools of patience, dedication, and seasoned strength. It’s a fast food pace with creations made of sand instead of brick and mortar. I value the anient, the sacred, the timeless. And I realize that all I value most requires my active participation and involvement. I cannot sit on the sidelines and expect the game to go to my liking. Let’s get real, get grounded, and take every action step required to bridge our dreams with our realities. We can do it! One step at a time. . .

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” -Thoreau

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