A Simple Nourishing Addition

I believe in the power of simplicity. With the busyness (busi-ness centric focus) and fast pace of modern day living – also a time when leaky gut syndrome, gluten intolerance, malnutrition, and toxicity are at an all-time-high — it is extra important to have quick and easy solutions to implement into the daily diet to nourish, cleanse, and soothe. One of my favorite foods (also an herb in this case!) is Slippery Elm Bark. It is the inner bark of the Slippery Elm tree, powdered down and consumed as food. Rich in tannins and mucilage, it soothes the intestines, reduces inflammation, and provides gentle nourishment worth writing about. Native Americans loved using this inner bark externally to heal wounds and internally as a nourishing food, ample to provide sustenance during times of famine. Wonderful for children and pregnant/nursing mothers too. I am a nursing mother and can attest to it’s supportive qualities. It is also simple to incorporate! Just a tsp or tbl per cup of liquid will do. You can create a simple beverage using 1 cup of hot water, 1 tbl coconut oil, 1 tbl Slippery Elm Bark Powder, a dash of stevia, a dash of sea salt or Himalayan salt – blended up! We enjoy making a more porridge-like consistency with it for our toddler with the add on’s of chia seed gel and organic hemp seeds. It is reminiscent of eating Cream of Wheat, minus the wheat. We love the flavor of hot oatmeal in the morning, and will definitely enjoy that from time to time. But consuming oats on a daily basis (even after extensive soaking) is a bit heavy on our bodies, so we like to consume slippery elm as a more sustainable alternative to that Power flakesflavor we love. We do take in medicine from the oat plant on a daily basis; in the form of oat top/oatstraw infusion, but as far as the grain itself goes, we like to limit that. Slippery Elm Bark is excellent if you are on GAPS diet, Ketogenic diet, Paleo diet, etc. A very “friendly” choice!

My absolute favorite breakfast? A combination of our coconut-based Healthy Crunchy cereal, Pine Power Cedar Nut Flakes (by Ringing Cedars of Russia – the company that created and sells the Anastasia books – a personal favorite series of mine!), topped with some “milk” made by blending:

~ 4 cups of (real) spring water

~ 1 cup of cedar nut flakes

~ 1 tbl of slippery elm bark powder

~ & a dash of (real) salt and stevia

(Yields 1 quart of milk which can be stored in the fridge for 2 days, preferably in glass) No need to even blend the milk, as it creates a beautiful smooth texture on it’s own. Rich in healthy fats, silica, minerals, iodine, protein. . . (the list goes on!)

Another excellent Slippery Elm recipe I will share with you comes from one of my favorite books for seasonally-based activities for little ones and family: The Rhythm of Family by Amanda & Stephen Soule – she must have found Amy’s recipe along the way and I am grateful for her sharing it in the book.

Slippery Elm Throat Lozenges by Amy Carol

(makes about 68 lozenges)

What You’ll Need:

~ 1/2 cup powdered slippery elm

~ 1/4 cup tea (peppermint, licorice, and/or ginger lemon works well)

~ 1-2 tbl of honey

What To Do:

Make the tea and pour it onto the powdered slippery elm in a bowl. Stir until a dough forms. Knead until smooth, adding a bit of extra slippery elm powder to keep it from sticking to your hands. Pat or roll the dough flat, about 1/8″ thick. Using a small circular cutter (such as the cap of a bottle) cut out the lozenges, re-rolling the scraps as needed. Smooth any rough edges with your fingers. Let the pieces dry for a day or two, and store them in a tin or jar. To consume: Suck on a lozenge, allowing it to dissolve and coat the throat. Enjoy!

May the simplicity and power of the Slippery Elm soothe you, nourish you, and gently encourage you to “go with the flow” in grace! And as always, feel free to edit the recipes shared above to suit your needs & taste!


Honoring the Creativity of the Goddess

My life has forever been changed after answering the call to become a Mother. The whole process opened me up in ways I never imagined possible. Working through the fears, learning about the importance of deep nutrition, respecting the subtle and not-so-subtle energies that lined the entire path. . . Such a fast track to deep soul-searching and prioritization of things in my life.

In order for a woman’s body to birth a baby naturally, all of the energy pathways (chakras) must be open to allow the new life to flow through. INTENSE to say the least! It marked a time for me of deep reflection and having to stare many fears right in the face.

“The way out is through.”

This whole new journey I embarked upon led to more questions and more answers within myself than ever before. The role of Mother is so very closely attuned with Mother Earth (Gaia). Right now Gaia is undergoing much cleansing, shifting, etc. and we must commit ourselves to holding in highest regard the health and protection of that which is being birthed. The glorious and golden new baby of Mother Earth. A new life. A new way. On a personal level, we can definitely feel what our home planet is going through. And I feel that women especially are picking up on the great cleansing. We must remember that we are One.

There is much trauma in our world due to living disconnected from our innate connection with Earth – and ourselves. When women ask me about my unassisted birth story, before I can even answer, I am usually met with a story of their deep birth trauma. Epidurals, C-sections, not being heard – disconnection from baby – feeling as if a storm took over and dreams were shattered and power was stripped. This all feels very painful to me. An event that was once marked as an Initiation, a Holy Rite of Passage, has turned to an “emergency” that can only be “safely” executed in a sterilized hospital setting. ¬†A Woman, in completely surrendering herself to birthing energy, is in the most vulnerable/open/powerful state. And when that is taken from her (often without her knowing), it creates a wound (physically & emotionally – on a deep subconscious level), that most who have been through it try their hardest to forget. But the cells do not forget. They hold onto and grip all unintegrated painful experiences, so that we may learn, grow, and move on. The plight of women these days is reminiscent of that of the Earth’s.¬†Infertility problems, traumatic experiences, fear for what is to come, an outsourcing of one’s power, being scared of what is natural or untampered with. . .

“Normal” and “natural” are not the same!

I have heard the call to help and I am answering. I intend to assist women – mothers, soon-to-be-mothers, those who wish to be mothers or simply wish to honor the feminine within. I have always felt drawn to restore the Earth however I know how, and now I realize that that is taking the form of honoring Woman. Honoring the creativity of Goddess. My years of study, personal experience, working with the spiritual realm, becoming attuned to Reiki, love of nutrition/nourishment, etc. has led me to now offer:

  • Reiki classes – So that whoever wishes can be attuned to this loving, gentle, powerful energy
  • Hosting Women’s support groups – Where we can share birth stories, parenting stories, allow open communication and integration. Feeling heard is an important step of the process!
  • Assisting with nutritional strategies – To help with fertility and harmony in the body/mind/spirit. What can you eat to prepare for conception, pregnancy, breastfeeding?
  • Lymphatic Decongestion sessions – Reduce inflammation, fade scars, boost immunities, help shift grief to peace
  • Energy work – Work through past traumas, fears, anxieties, etc. Access your deepest innate healing potential!
I honor your creativity, I honor womb*an, and I honor you! If you feel that I can assist you (over-the-phone, in person, via email, etc.) contact me at: wildmedicinals@gmail.com // 845.418.2211