May You Be Showered With Joy

While my blog posts have been incredibly sparse – being a busy mom of two, with another on the way; setting up our homestead; tending to what needs tending and mending – I wanted to take a brief moment to wish you many blessings in 2016. It feels like it will be a year of finally realizing our dreams made manifest in the physical. Let’s intend for it! Cheers to you and yours, from me and mine. . . Hugs from Black Mountain, NC!




The Greatest Connection Lies Within

Within you, lies a vast river of knowledge, clarity, healing, and imperfect perfection. Tuning in to your Self (and I write this with a capital S, because it deserves much respect), tunes you directly into the Source that created you. The power and wisdom that makes your heart beat, makes your eyes blink, and makes the plants grow. The same wisdom that grows a plant from seed (yes, even if GMO), or a baby in womb. So then it stands as such a shock that the mass majority of this planet goes reaching for their cellphone or iPad upon waking to greet the day, depend upon the internet for “connection,” or look outside of the themselves for the answers. Yes, we all have done it. Yes, we all need guidance from time to time (true guidance, that strives to connect us to our own innate wisdom). The true spiritual and physical masters on this planet provide the same guiding light: trust yourself, trust your body, tune into YOU. And any wisdom that assists you in doing that is authentic and pure. Use discriminating discernment in the discovery process of what is REAL.

We have come to a time on this planet where it is extra important to release the need for external validation or verification. It is healthiest to disconnect entirely from every source of social media and live with real-to-the-feel authenticity as we have operated over millennia. How can one tune truly into Self when they spend their days scrolling through the gloss and veneer that others (with a validation-driven & ego-based intent) blast the internet with daily. Oh, the Era of Selfies! When deep insecurity and fakeness take the center stage. Well, they can have that center stage on whatever faux platform they are performing on. It is crumbling. And what remains is our true divine connection. The unique beats of our loving hearts. The sparkle that is in every person’s eyes. The community gardens and deep warm hugs. Let us call back the Sacred!

I gently recommend that you click “delete” on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. See how that changes the way you feel on the day-to-day. Take time for reflection, having your favorite beverage, a morning walk, connecting with your partner/pets/children/plants upon waking instead of click click click scroll scroll scroll on your EMF blasting device. Try it! Like a digital detox of sorts. At first you will be feeling some sort of significant shift as you no longer look to those sources for connection and entertainment. You will feel space from the people that you have been keeping updated on your daily happenings. And come on, let’s be honest, if someone is thousands of miles away and you are pretending that they are right there with you to not feel lonely – is that real? If the web shut down and you lost cell service, where are you and where are they? I am not referring to separation, by the way. That is illusion. We are all interconnected within the real Web of Life.

This can be a rude awakening to the way this society currently operates, but that’s okay. “At first the truth will piss you off, and then it’ll set you free.”

The social media cleanse feels so good! And something within says YES!!!! Let’s call back natural ways, tune into Self, detox digitally. And the connection will be so much stronger.

A Joyous New Year of New Alchemy

sun and moon alchemy


Wishing you an intentful New Moon in Aries and a prosperous New Lunar Year. While many people celebrate January 1st as the beginning of the new year, those of us into astrology and the moon cycles favor today as a reset starting point. This April 2015 one is extra potent. Let us savor the alchemical alignments currently available for our consciously directed flow. Where would you like to steer the ship? Let us enjoy the possibilities for visioning a better planet and a more blissful personal experience on it. With a blank canvas before us, what shall we paint? The cosmos are the limit! Cheers with love!

Fresh Wild-Harvested Chaga for Sale

In the spirit of Spring Cleaning, we have plenty of freshly harvested Chaga available. I am re-blogging my original post from 2012, full of information, prices, pics, etc. Let us know if you would like us to ship you some! Email:

Divine Timing

The health benefits of Chaga mushroom are vast! It is an all-encompassing health tonic that can be enjoyed daily. The taste of Chaga tea is very much like vanilla or mocha. Why should your health strategy include anything but the best tasting, most enjoyable nourishment ever?

Taylor and the magical Chaga

My husband Taylor & I are big into longevity, health, and finding the best methods to provide the desired results we seek. We are big believers in the power of intention, and every Chaga mushroom harvested by us is done sustainably, consciously, and with a deep reverence for the bounty Nature provides us. We also do Reiki on every tree that has gifted us with its medicine. Isn’t it incredible that the Earth provides such beautiful treasures for us create and sustain abundant health? Chaga mushroom is one of its greatest gems.

This particular strain of mushroom has the…

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Spring Cleaning the Body & Spirit

If the magickal & blissful new reality we have been awaiting would arrive, say, today, would we be ready? Even if our hearts are so eagerly craving “the shift,” does the physical mirror that readiness with clarity and grounded preparedness? Certainly any old baggage would not fit in the vessel for the ride. What will make it? What will be shed? Spring cleaning is fully activated in every sphere of our existence right now!!

There is immense joy in simplicity, lightness, and clarity. Shedding the layers feels good! So carefree and with total trust that all of our needs will be met anytime/anywhere. I heard a theory along my path by a trusted mentor that “Anything you need is always 50 ft away from you, or closer.” Try that concept out. When a need arises, explore your immediate environment and see if you can come up with a solution to meet the need. “I need a piece of string.” Perhaps the shoelace on your shoe can spare a strand. In dropping the veils, we cleanse the spirit, attune the body, and remember that we were brought into this planet as a whole being. Whole meaning that we are complete, our needs are naturally met by nature and our environment, we want for nothing. Somewhere along the way things became complex, covered and muddled in fear, doubt, and dependency. Natural resonance urges us to trust ourselves and our environment. Trust our bodies, trust our spirits, trust the earth. My message to those in my life is one of radical trust. I trust and am learning to trust in big & small ways. I trusted that my body knew how to grow my babies, birth my babies, & nurse my babies – beyond what my mind thought it could do, beyond what external fears would try to convince me of otherwise. I trust that love always prevails. I trust that life is headed somewhere pretty blissful (even if on the outside it currently shows a contrary message).

Trust is a journey and takes much strength to fully say YES to!

The energies of trust and love are quantifiable. The belief that you can trust life will show you again and again that YES YOU CAN. The belief that life is something to fear will show you that too. If you think the planet is screwed, the human body is faulty or botched, truth never prevails, etc. then you will see that. We see what we wish to see. Our sight is strong. The field of consciousness responds to what we infuse it with. It ripples out and beyond. Do we wish to create currents of fear, or do we wish to create tidal waves of joy, love, and bliss!!! It is our choice.

Free will allows us to see and create what we will. We are sovereign beings. Let’s remember. Let’s recall. Let’s call back all of the fragmented parts of ourselves. Our cells. Bring it all into harmonious and radiant flow. We can choose. We can believe that miracles occur. Or that it’s all screwed up. It can all be true. But I like to keep my eyes on the horizon of the golden sunrise. See the mystical in the physical. It’s all so miraculous. When we shed the unnecessary & recall our true divine nature, then we will be ready to fully allow the NEW to ARISE. True Spring Cleaning – of LIFE!

Oracle Report for April 7th, 2015

Today’s Oracle Report is really speaking to me and my current flow! Bridging the worlds, uniting the heart. Oracle Report is an excellent daily resource for energetic themes and living meditative guidance. We also really enjoy her book on the Black Moon. Here’s today’s message! Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Releasing the “How”

Is your logic-based left brain not serving you as much lately? With so much Virgo in my natal chart, I used to be wired in a very left-brain-dominant kinda way! With the Quickening, Earth changes, ebbs and flows of raising children, birthing twice in an undisturbed manner, receiving Reiki attunements, engaging in projects to increase psychic perceptions, communing with Nature, consuming potent herbs & crystalline medicine, etc. It has all led me to live in a more right brain/primal brain way. I have found that so much of my path lately involves “stepping out of the way,” engaging intuitive perceptiveness, taking action steps where called for, and ultimately releasing the “How.” How will we be ready for that next month? How will we come up with the money to fund that project? How will we get the kids to bed earlier tonight? How will I manage to write a blog post while bouncing baby in the Ergo and keeping our toddler entertained? How will I step into my power with confidence? How can I tell you my personal truth? How can I tell so-and-so what I believe without hurting them? How can I make my vision manifest in the physical? How can my body heal this ongoing issue? How can I learn to believe more?

So many How’s in so many forms, and yet all of those questions are answered by the same two words: TRUST & PRAYER.

The Angels and Divine Assistance are just waiting for our word, our invitation, to step in and help us. Beyond the linear, beyond the numbers, beyond the questions. God and Spirit work in miraculous ways, and often I find, that if any sort of timeline does apply, it’s one of Superhero Timing! In the last possible second, whoooosh! — breakthrough! Call it Divine Timing, and such miracles are teaching me much about truly trusting in the Unseen with confidence and clarity. The byproduct of this is releasing the illusion of control and stepping into flowing Grace. The Art of Surrender. And also, with so many miracles at play (isn’t every moment a miracle?), we must remember to also say THANKS. Thank you God, for this beautiful life. Thank you God, for breathing life into my lungs. For another day, another chance to shine & show love.

Oh, I am taking a deep breath & sigh as I write this. Because it is all so powerful yet all so frail. We are all here on special missions and there are no guarantees. No safe plays. Just miracles, divine connection & support from Mama Gaia. Our eyes don’t always allow us to see it that way. The ways in which we have been conditioned have veiled us from such truths.

Let’s turn our focus to all that is beautiful, harmonious, blessed, and fully free. Free from pain, from seeking validation & from fear. Divinity is beyond all of that. Perfect in all forms, present within each of us. And while the left brain seeks to separate, the right brain wants to connect. As we become more Creative Beings, we operate in a less Reactive way. Funny how those words are seemingly alike, slightly jumbled around. The shifts to deep transformation actually occur in very subtle ways. We just need to believe and allow.

Bless you, your personal breakthroughs, and all that you bring to this world! We are all divine beings having a human experience.

Image of one of my sons & I. This photo reminds me that our spirits burn brightly as our reflections from the Sun are etched into the soft grass. But our love exists beyond the shadows, sun, or grass. Love is Divine.