I Bring You Warm Light

This time of year, we mostly find ourselves cozy by the woodstove, sipping hot herbal beverages, sharing in the warmth of our inner light. . . Isn’t loving laughter the most warming?

My husband and I enjoy being as resourceful as possible, and that means that we like to tread as lightly as we can in a small-carbon-footprint kinda way. For us, that means nighttime brings the glow of homemade candles moreso than the running of electric bulbs. Add to that, the magic of beeswax and essential oils, and you’ve got a mighty match. (pun intended!)

We love our homemade candles so much, that I decided to offer them up to the world-at-large. So here we are, Fire Fairy Lightworks – for handpoured, mason jar contained, essential oil scented, beeswax enriched, lovingly crafted candles! I also encourage the re-using of mason jars and will gladly make candles at a discounted rate for such vessels.

Let’s all tread lightly together and share in a warm glow. . .

Made with love by Nalla – firefairylight.etsy.com
Simple natural lighting by Fire Fairy Lightworks

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