Fresh Wild-Harvested Chaga for Sale

In the spirit of Spring Cleaning, we have plenty of freshly harvested Chaga available. I am re-blogging my original post from 2012, full of information, prices, pics, etc. Let us know if you would like us to ship you some! Email:

Divine Timing

The health benefits of Chaga mushroom are vast! It is an all-encompassing health tonic that can be enjoyed daily. The taste of Chaga tea is very much like vanilla or mocha. Why should your health strategy include anything but the best tasting, most enjoyable nourishment ever?

Taylor and the magical Chaga

My husband Taylor & I are big into longevity, health, and finding the best methods to provide the desired results we seek. We are big believers in the power of intention, and every Chaga mushroom harvested by us is done sustainably, consciously, and with a deep reverence for the bounty Nature provides us. We also do Reiki on every tree that has gifted us with its medicine. Isn’t it incredible that the Earth provides such beautiful treasures for us create and sustain abundant health? Chaga mushroom is one of its greatest gems.

This particular strain of mushroom has the…

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