Spring Cleaning the Body & Spirit

If the magickal & blissful new reality we have been awaiting would arrive, say, today, would we be ready? Even if our hearts are so eagerly craving “the shift,” does the physical mirror that readiness with clarity and grounded preparedness? Certainly any old baggage would not fit in the vessel for the ride. What will make it? What will be shed? Spring cleaning is fully activated in every sphere of our existence right now!!

There is immense joy in simplicity, lightness, and clarity. Shedding the layers feels good! So carefree and with total trust that all of our needs will be met anytime/anywhere. I heard a theory along my path by a trusted mentor that “Anything you need is always 50 ft away from you, or closer.” Try that concept out. When a need arises, explore your immediate environment and see if you can come up with a solution to meet the need. “I need a piece of string.” Perhaps the shoelace on your shoe can spare a strand. In dropping the veils, we cleanse the spirit, attune the body, and remember that we were brought into this planet as a whole being. Whole meaning that we are complete, our needs are naturally met by nature and our environment, we want for nothing. Somewhere along the way things became complex, covered and muddled in fear, doubt, and dependency. Natural resonance urges us to trust ourselves and our environment. Trust our bodies, trust our spirits, trust the earth. My message to those in my life is one of radical trust. I trust and am learning to trust in big & small ways. I trusted that my body knew how to grow my babies, birth my babies, & nurse my babies – beyond what my mind thought it could do, beyond what external fears would try to convince me of otherwise. I trust that love always prevails. I trust that life is headed somewhere pretty blissful (even if on the outside it currently shows a contrary message).

Trust is a journey and takes much strength to fully say YES to!

The energies of trust and love are quantifiable. The belief that you can trust life will show you again and again that YES YOU CAN. The belief that life is something to fear will show you that too. If you think the planet is screwed, the human body is faulty or botched, truth never prevails, etc. then you will see that. We see what we wish to see. Our sight is strong. The field of consciousness responds to what we infuse it with. It ripples out and beyond. Do we wish to create currents of fear, or do we wish to create tidal waves of joy, love, and bliss!!! It is our choice.

Free will allows us to see and create what we will. We are sovereign beings. Let’s remember. Let’s recall. Let’s call back all of the fragmented parts of ourselves. Our cells. Bring it all into harmonious and radiant flow. We can choose. We can believe that miracles occur. Or that it’s all screwed up. It can all be true. But I like to keep my eyes on the horizon of the golden sunrise. See the mystical in the physical. It’s all so miraculous. When we shed the unnecessary & recall our true divine nature, then we will be ready to fully allow the NEW to ARISE. True Spring Cleaning – of LIFE!


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