Releasing the “How”

Is your logic-based left brain not serving you as much lately? With so much Virgo in my natal chart, I used to be wired in a very left-brain-dominant kinda way! With the Quickening, Earth changes, ebbs and flows of raising children, birthing twice in an undisturbed manner, receiving Reiki attunements, engaging in projects to increase psychic perceptions, communing with Nature, consuming potent herbs & crystalline medicine, etc. It has all led me to live in a more right brain/primal brain way. I have found that so much of my path lately involves “stepping out of the way,” engaging intuitive perceptiveness, taking action steps where called for, and ultimately releasing the “How.” How will we be ready for that next month? How will we come up with the money to fund that project? How will we get the kids to bed earlier tonight? How will I manage to write a blog post while bouncing baby in the Ergo and keeping our toddler entertained? How will I step into my power with confidence? How can I tell you my personal truth? How can I tell so-and-so what I believe without hurting them? How can I make my vision manifest in the physical? How can my body heal this ongoing issue? How can I learn to believe more?

So many How’s in so many forms, and yet all of those questions are answered by the same two words: TRUST & PRAYER.

The Angels and Divine Assistance are just waiting for our word, our invitation, to step in and help us. Beyond the linear, beyond the numbers, beyond the questions. God and Spirit work in miraculous ways, and often I find, that if any sort of timeline does apply, it’s one of Superhero Timing! In the last possible second, whoooosh! — breakthrough! Call it Divine Timing, and such miracles are teaching me much about truly trusting in the Unseen with confidence and clarity. The byproduct of this is releasing the illusion of control and stepping into flowing Grace. The Art of Surrender. And also, with so many miracles at play (isn’t every moment a miracle?), we must remember to also say THANKS. Thank you God, for this beautiful life. Thank you God, for breathing life into my lungs. For another day, another chance to shine & show love.

Oh, I am taking a deep breath & sigh as I write this. Because it is all so powerful yet all so frail. We are all here on special missions and there are no guarantees. No safe plays. Just miracles, divine connection & support from Mama Gaia. Our eyes don’t always allow us to see it that way. The ways in which we have been conditioned have veiled us from such truths.

Let’s turn our focus to all that is beautiful, harmonious, blessed, and fully free. Free from pain, from seeking validation & from fear. Divinity is beyond all of that. Perfect in all forms, present within each of us. And while the left brain seeks to separate, the right brain wants to connect. As we become more Creative Beings, we operate in a less Reactive way. Funny how those words are seemingly alike, slightly jumbled around. The shifts to deep transformation actually occur in very subtle ways. We just need to believe and allow.

Bless you, your personal breakthroughs, and all that you bring to this world! We are all divine beings having a human experience.

Image of one of my sons & I. This photo reminds me that our spirits burn brightly as our reflections from the Sun are etched into the soft grass. But our love exists beyond the shadows, sun, or grass. Love is Divine.



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