Natural Healing with the BioMat

biomatToday I would like to share with you one of my favorite daily healing tools – the BioMat. This deeply relaxing, rejuvenating mat encourages the natural healing of the body. It combines the therapeutic effects of amethyst, tourmaline, negative ions & far infrared heat to replenish the many body-systems. And I absolutely believe it recharges the spiritual reservoirs as well. My whole family enjoys some time on the mat everyday. Our baby will nap on it (on the lowest setting), our toddler will request it when he needs some soothing calm & my husband and I relax onto it as much as possible. Any clients of my Lymphatic Decongestion and Reiki practice get to lay on it for each session. Another great way to get some “time on the mat” is to set the timer and sleep on it. Drape it over the torso to relax the body, increase circulation, improve digestion, etc. I feel led to share about this wonderful product, since I believe that it enhances our daily life so very much.

If you have any questions about it or want to try ours out (Asheville, NC area), then shoot us an email at:

In the spirit of health, longevity & prosperity ~ Nalla


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