Slow Ride ~ Take It Easy

The message that keeps coming through these days is how important self-love is!

My husband and I just welcomed our 2nd son into the world via another beautiful homebirth. What a miraculous process it is! And attuning to the angel whose care we have been blessed with is also a miraculous process within itself. Wow, Life! You keep amazing me and opening my heart more, more, more with each new experience. I am greatly humbled by the intelligence of the body to conceive, grow a baby, birth a baby, and nourish a baby through mother’s milk. I trusted my body all throughout pregnancy and followed my intuition through birth. And now we sit in awe at the splendor of this magnificent being that has been left intact, as nature created him.

My heart overflows and spills out as my energy field had been rearranged by the power of birth energy. I see the world through the eyes of a mother (and my Life Path 6 – the Nurturer). I feel drawn to help restore the sacredness of pregnancy, birth, and intuition. It is a strong calling deep from within my soul and I am not quite sure how to proceed. But I know it will involve merging my knowledge of herbs, energy work, physical movement, and inspirational coaching. I feel drawn to help moms-to-be trust their innate “knowing” and gather their strength to let Life flow through them – with all of the pains, joys, and challenges along the path. I want to hold their hand and be a guide through the Initiation of Motherhood.

But first, I must nurture myself.

It is the tendency of the “giver” to always think of the “other” first. It is a great living meditation for me to remember to bring the focus back to myself and my truest needs. Right now, I am about 10 days into the 40 day postpartum hibernation period that I like to create for myself and baby. We need a gentle transition into the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so for 40 days I observe this hibernation time to stay home, eat healing food, nurse baby, rest, reflect, and explore the more subtle and gentle energies of life. It is our sacred attuning process, as a now-family-of-four. There is more than enough time to “get out there” and once again participate in the male-driven society which dominates our western culture. The 40 day postpartum period holds it’s roots in Ayurvedic tradition, and I absolutely love that system of living and healing. The 40 days may feel impossible for a lot of women to do (and hopefully there is a great support system in place and a partner that encourages this!), but there is much that can be accomplished from the home these days with the internet. I still feel very much connected to all that is “out there” as I further explore “in here.” I will even venture to say that I feel MORE connected. It takes great strength to defend your need for peace, nurturance, quiet time, and gentleness. Our go-go-go society tends to scoff at such an approach and values how quickly one can “get back in the game.” But what if the game is an illusion? And the only thing that’s real is your love for yourself and all of the living extensions and manifestations of that love?

Love yourself. For YOU ARE LOVE.



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