Wild Wood Card for April 16th, 2014

Today we have drawn The Sun of Life from the Wild Wood deck. What an auspicious omen of inner light to draw after all of our lessons in digging, digging, digging. Yesterday we spoke of renewal through death and clearing space for new (aligned) beginnings. And now look at the beauty of this card!

The Wild Wood - 19 Sun of Life
The Wild Wood – 19 Sun of Life

The creative fire within is glowing brightly and ready to burst forth in divine expression! Spring is here – and our fiery desires for beauty, fertility, and health are creating the ripple waves of change!

“The Sun of Life represents the next step into awareness of the universal mind. After the initial movement from the initial still point of the moon, the sun beckons us beyond the Earth – Lunar relationship to an awareness of concepts on a solar level. . . As the glorious rays of cleansing sunlight spill into the shadows of your heart and life, so the warmth reaches into your very bones and energizes your spirit. . . See beyond the noise and clatter of human reality and become aware of the vastness and generosity of the cosmic soul.” The Wild Wood

How funny! Just when I stopped writing I was at word count 190, and today’s card is 19. Let’s see what this means! Angel Number 190: a message from your angels that your Divine life purpose is a major priority and your choices and decisions will affect all aspects of your life. Take time out to consider your true priorities and make the decisions that most suit your inner-self. Trust your intuition and follow its guidance. Recognize and acknowledge the urgings and yearnings of your soul, and take appropriate action.


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