Wild Wood Card for April 15th, 2014

Wow. I am in awe of the power and significance of today’s card. I drew Card 13 from the Major Arcana. In the Wild Wood Tarot it is The Journey. But it is traditionally known as the card of DEATH. How do you feel when you see that word? Do you shrink or expand? Does it feel scary or liberating?

The Wild Wood Tarot – 13 The Journey

Death is such a taboo topic in our Western world. We have all felt the pains and sorrows associated with “losing” a loved one – and we have forgotten how to truly celebrate it as a part of Nature’s cycles. I would first like to share a quote with you by Osho on this topic, before we delve deeper into the messages this card brings:

“Death is not the end, but the beginning of a new life. Yes, it is an end of something that is already dead. It is also a crescendo of what we call life, although very few know what life is. They live, but they live in such ignorance that they never encounter their own life. And it is impossible for these people to know their own death, because death is the ultimate experience of this life, and the beginning experience of another. Death is the door between two lives; one is left behind, one is waiting ahead.” Osho

We have been digging deeply within ourselves, shedding layers upon layers, laying “dead” relationships to rest once-and-for-all, releasing illusions, then digging even deeper. . .

What a process! All the blood, sweat, and tears ultimately leading us toward genuine REBIRTH. It does not come without work. We cannot come to it without seeking it out. Greatly inspired and highly aligned new beginnings cannot exist for us without first purging, releasing what’s dead, and living empty for a time before the well fills up again. You cannot plant a beautiful garden on top of already-existing dead dry plants. The deadness must first be cleared away for the seeds to lovingly root themselves in their new home. Then the germination and growth process can begin with newness. And then once the plants are growing healthy & strong, they can be nourished with the decay of compost. But as far as foundation goes, the brush needs to be cleared away for the new plants to root in.

This is our current process. Letting go into death and fully allowing it to re-work our lives. Accepting the endings so that we can make way for the new beginnings.

As I write this, the wind is howling outside, rustling the newly-sprouted leaves on the trees. The rain is sporadically falling towards the Earth. Are the springtime sprouts strong enough to endure the bluster? Or are they still so curled up with potential that they are kept safe from the storm? If our potential is feeling locked within, waiting for release, then hold strong in knowing that the opportunity to let it all out is on the brink of the horizon. The great winds of change are upon us. And with the winds and rain come messages and great cleansing. We are only gathering our strength while we wait for the storm to pass.

Such powerful energy today with the Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Astrological Grand Cardinal Square, etc. etc. These are times of great change. And sometimes it feels like it is coming “out of the blue.” But see the symbolism in the fiery red moon, reminding us that the blood of life is coursing through our veins, and we are safe within the stormy sea of emotion. Our breath and our connection to Nature are our safe places.

Reading points from today’s card: “It is time to face the inevitable, to let the bones be laid bare and acknowledge the deepest aspects of your fears and desires. Do not fear change, because this is also a time of purification and realignment. Let the threads of the old slip from your fingers with joyful remembrance and enter this time of withdrawal and renewal with patience and calm.”


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