Wild Wood Card for April 13th, 2014

“Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” William Jennings Bryant

Today’s card is the Two of Bows. The element associated with this suit is the element of Fire. Yesterday we grounded in to Earth energy and transformed our limiting beliefs & fears. In today’s card that Fire energy has fully activated!

two of bows
The Wild Wood Tarot – Two of Bows

The key marker associated with this card is DECISION. If you have been waiting around for the Universe to choose for you, then perhaps it is time to shift that perspective into choosing for yourself! We are co-creators of our lives, and that implies that yes, we do have creative input and free-will. I myself feel like I have been waiting for further instruction for far too long and am ready to take the plunge into becoming fully immersed in creative energy in action! Reading points for this card state, “By summoning and directing the powerful, healing energies available to you, the rough-hewn bow stave can be grasped and the process of shaping and crafting your destiny can begin. You stand at a crucial crossroads from which you can now move forward with confidence. Once the decision to take control of these elements and harness and direct your power is made, a new paradigm of possibilities is released. These energies will need skillful harnessing and responsible management to reach their full and effective potential.”

The responsible management of such powerful energy signifies that we must be operating from a place of Integrity and Wholeness. Coming from an understanding that we are all connected through Spirit, and what affects one affects all. We must release that “island mentality” and come into understanding that our hearts are connected and we are never alone. It is refreshing to remember that we have the ability to transform ourselves and our lives. Our lives are not something that have been pre-written and pre-designed, only for us to “succeed” or “fail” in living our destiny. Every moment is new and fresh with possibilities. We must release guilt (for past actions) and doubt (over future success) in order to see it that way. Easier said than done! Observing how small children and animals authentically act is a great meditation for this – they are not concerned with what other people think about them, how they fit into societal standards, how well they have checked off their to-do list for the day. We can learn alot from that way of being! We can remember how to live playful, authentic, joy-filled lives marching by the beat of our own soul. Yes, it may appear messy to the outside world. Yes, you may be judged heavily (by those who view with judgmental eyes). But how liberating to live an authentic life, in which you are steering the ship toward Bliss on a continually evolving and mystical journey! Doesn’t that make it all worth it? Isn’t that what we came here to do? If you cannot seem to conform to the 9-5, clock-in-clock-out, sit down-stand up, way of “living” in which every “acceptable” action has been pre-planned, then this message is for you.


I love seeing how this card of decision and choice relates to the Rune Thurisaz. Thurisaz is a powerful marker, signifying the Gateway or place of Non-Action. It is the point from which you stand on the hilltop, observing your life before you, and fully letting go of what-has-been/fully releasing the past. Allowing you to step forward into your new adventure with fullness and clarity. It is a Rune that clears the cobwebs and clarifies the fog, leading you to an inner place of full authenticity asking: “What do I TRULY WANT?” Creating from a place of wholeness and peace rather than external expectation and obligation. Like Doreen Virtue states in her Angel Card Deck, anytime you begin a sentence with “I have to. . .” – reconsider that condition, and see that you actually don’t “have to . . .”

We don’t “have to.” We “get to.”

We are powerful beings with infinite creative possibilities. What do you choose? Can you create bliss with your decisions that come from a place of knowingness and peace?



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