Wild Wood Card for April 12th, 2014

I am trying something new on this blog for as long as feels appropriate. I will draw a card from one of my favorite decks and then state its greater significance (with room for interpretation) as a guide during these intense/transformational times. Perhaps you will find the messages and/or images appropriate to your day! Let’s see. . .

Today I am drawing from the Wild Wood Tarot deck, as I love how these cards always invoke the spirit of nature!

five of stones
The Wild Wood Tarot – Five of Stones

Today we have drawn the Five of Stones. Any card within the Suit of Stones represents the Earth element. Practical skills, physical abilities, and primal energies are in play. The energy of the number 5 has great significance in indicating CHANGE. Have you been experiencing great and (very) welcomed change in your life? I know I sure have! 555 messages all over the place! Deep-seated conditioning/judgments uprooting themselves and being transformed in the fire; veils are dropping with record speed. With this massive amount of inner and outer change, the feeling of grief may come up. Grief registers in the body whenever we feel we have “lost” something. Even if that something has been holding us back from our truest selves for lifetimes. We must release the familiarity that has kept us locked and bound for far too long. It is safe to proceed into where you are being led. When you fully accept the grief, you allow it to pass, liberating you into greater clarity and awareness.

The meaning of this card is: “It takes inner strength and courage to protect yourself and survive the challenges of life. This may mean withdrawing from trauma to focus on emotional resilience. Of all the qualities a spiritual warrior or seeker on the journey of life must possess, the spirit and will to endure is most important.”

This card indicates that we must weld the tools to generate great STRENGTH within ourselves. It is paramount that we be entirely authentic and deeply-rooted in Who We Really Are. No more playing just to please the masses! We are each here on a very specific/unique mission, and following the crowd will not lead us towards our greater purpose. Be wild and fierce within your authentic nature, and be mindful of any negative self-talk that is locking you in to feeling small. This world needs you. Your breath is important and intentional. Spirit gives you life each day because you are here with great purpose.

– CHANGE & INNER STRENGTH are the hallmarks of this day –

(Word count 425 – & Angel Number 425 is a message that the life changes ahead of you are aligned with your divine life mission and have manifested in your life for a purpose. Listen to your intuition and take the steps necessary to bring about much needed changes in your life, and ask the angels to help you with any adjustments and transitions you may go through. Trust that these changes are for you to take advantage of and are for your highest good as they will bring about new opportunities and chances to advance quickly along your path.) AHA!


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