The launch of our new breakfast cereal

Hi friends! I realize it has been quite some time since I posted some original content on here. Thank you infinitely for your patience! Things have been busy in our neck-of-the-woods with our explorative toddler and preparing for the birth of our 2nd child. But the inspiration to share is coming in waves again. . .

I want to share with you our latest Etsy offering! We love stocking our cupboards with simple (and nourishing) foods that are quick and easy to make. Our eating-style most closely follows the Weston A. Price Nourishing Traditions protocol, mixed with Chinese herbalism as well as wild food foraging (when the weather and our knowledge of plants permits!). We greatly missed enjoying a simple bowl of cereal with cold milk. So our desire to enjoy such a rare treat led us to create a cereal that we could actually enjoy daily! My husband whipped up a batch of cereal (or the Miracle of Cereal, as he calls it) with (all organic) coconut flake, stevia, hemp seeds, vanilla, freeze dried berries, carob, & pink salt. And the end result was something we felt drawn to bag up and offer you! It is too good not to share! We like to enjoy ours with local raw milk and will often sprinkle it on top of homemade wild berry gelato. Yes – your mouth is watering. But we are “foodies” to the umpteenth power, so we encourage that. 😉

We are offering this cereal in a few different flavors and are more than happy to customize orders for you. Let us know what you think! Find our line at: and email us at! With love from our little family. . .

Too good not to share!



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