Wonderful video on the lymph system! You can do this at home!

As some of my readers may know, I am a lymphatic therapist and feel very strongly about keeping this body-system operating efficiently for overall health vitality. Walking, exercising, jumping on a rebounder, and dry skin brushing are some wonderful ways to “massage” and stimulate lymph flow. Not much information is out there in regards to this highly underestimated bodily system we all possess. A healthy lymph is imperative for keeping any inflammatory conditions at bay (and inflammation is the basis of much dis-ease). Our immunities are also deeply affected by the lymphatic system. I am very much a believer that our physical and emotional bodies are vastly connected, so upon incorporating such activities such as skin brushing, expect your emotions to sign in relief.

This quick video by Nadine Artemis of Living Libations shows a simple dry brushing technique that can be done with or without essential oils (although I much prefer “with”). I love her work and her products! Enjoy her wisdom. . .


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