Oh, Originality!

ascensionIt has been (way) too long since I have posted some original content. My life has been full of twists, turns, changes, blessings, intensities, and some more blessings. Being a mother to my 1 & 1/2 year old boy is the greatest task I have ever undergone. And each day, rich with fullness, can also be all-consuming! Feels like not much time these days to sit down, reflect, and oh, what’s that ancient art form I used to so thoroughly enjoy – oh – yes – WRITE! Days are filled with silly play, changing diapers, rocking to sleep, soothing, entertaining, feeding, nursing, changing more diapers and playing some more, feeding, soothing, rinse and repeat! Alot of running around thrown in there too! Toddlers sure know how to keep us on our toes. But somehow the small daily tasks in my life have completely LAUNCHED me into the PRESENT MOMENT.

Being a mother & wife to my wonderful husband is my full-time job! And I give thanks every day for their 2 big beautiful souls being in my little life. They are a blessing and a gift from the Divine. I think fondly of the times in my life where I felt like a lone wolf, paving a path through this very unfamiliar world. But I do not miss those days one bit. I am thankful for our trio. And after all, isn’t three a sacred number?

How have you been feeling as 2013 comes to a close? It’s been an intense year, huh? A year to let go of any unnecessary junk that has kept us from living up to our fullest (brightest) potential. A year to fully begin to remember how wonderful and expansive we really are. And how limited we have made ourselves out to be through years and years and layers upon layers of conditioning. A diamond is formed under pressure, and honey, we are shining now! With great challenge comes great opportunity to grow, and I pray that any difficulties you have experienced within your life lead you to recognize the true beauty of your natural state. The world is blessed to have you here in all of your glorious originality.


2 thoughts on “Oh, Originality!

  1. It makes my heart swell to hear you’re shining! It’s been far too long, and hopefully we’ll find ourselves near each other (one side of the pond or the other) before too long. Much love to you! Wendy

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