Human Body as an Anchor to the Soul

Spot on! Thanks again Lee for channeling this message. My husband and I greatly agree that the body plays a HUGE role in the development, healing and growth of the soul. We feel this everyday in our professional and personal practice. Our clients of Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching and Lymphatic Decongestion can attest to this too.

energy body

“Human bodies are changing at the moment, but the human body changes far slower than the energy body. So be good to these bodies of yours, especially when you are awakening or opening your energy field or becoming more psychic. The body is your friend. It is the reason you are here. So look after this body of yours.

Many looking into the vibrational side of healing have found it hard to move forward in the way they used to, harder to manifest, harder to create. That is because very little is sticking at the moment. This is a time of shaking loose. And in a time of shaking loose, the greatest asset you have is your body. For the more your body is able to keep up with your energetic growth, the more your energetic growth can occur.” ~Ziadora through Lee, from Re-Magnetizing the Heart


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