My Etsy shop is growing!

When I am not busy tending to baby, to my daily family commitments, spiritual practice, and personal needs (wait – I still have those? haha), I am busy crafting! It keeps me happy and zen! There’s just something so satisfying and simple about picking up a needle, some thread, and stitching something lovely to behold. My shop offerings were only custom baby blankets at 1st and now it has evolved beyond that! Isn’t the process of creation fun? Ever-evolving and you never get it done! Such joy in that.

Herbal Fizzy Bath Cubes

At binkieblankie, you can now find 100% (TRULY eco-friendly) merino wool baby booties in various styles/colors, happy herbal teas for women, as well as herbal fizzy bath bombs. And the roster is only growing! I have developed an extra special signature all-natural fragrance (using only the best therapeutic grade supercritical extracts) for a nourishing scented oil, all natural cloth diaper cleansing powder, and much more. I’d love for you to stop by my shop & let me know what you think!

100% Merino Wool Baby Booties
Happy Mama Herbal Tea


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