My new shop on Etsy!

I absolutely love Etsy. It is my favorite place to purchase pretty much anything! Support the artisans, fuel a conscious economy, receive mega-awesome gifts in the mail like presents. I love it all. The whole feel of the site, the community, etc. Really happy vibes. So add to that that I’ve been tapping into my creative flow majorly these days and have become really passionate about buzzing away on my sewing machine while baby naps. I am hooked on sewing and creating love-filled tangible objects for friends/family/Etsians.

My baby crawling on his beloved binkieblankie (copyright image)

So I invite you to check out my new shop! It’s called binkieblankie and there I sell upcycled organic baby blankets (made from clothes that baby outgrew). It all started when I found myself organizing baby’s 1st clothes that he outgrew and I knew I definitely didn’t want to give them away or stack them in the closet. I figured, why not save them forever in the form of a soft sweet blanket? It lights my heart up when I see my son love his binkieblankie creation and hold it close to him. I hope to help you have something similar (and completely unique) that lasts forever.

As a “grand opening” kind of deal, I am offering a 10% discount if you use the coupon code ‘custombinkie’ at checkout! Shipping is free (you just ship me the baby clothes and I ship the completed blanket to you at no cost). Also, stay on the lookout for handmade organic whimsical plush toys and naturally sourced baby mobiles. Only the best for our babies!

Lots of Love! Enjoy the shop!


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