‘Oracular Spectacular’

As the 2012 energies intensify, it’s crucial that we have tools to assist us energetically so that we flow seamlessly with our Higher Selves. You are not alone and we are all ONE. Isn’t that amazing to realize? What affects one affects all. And we are all experiencing similar vibrations right now, even if they do show up in different ways.

Want to share with you two of my favorite sources for info on grand energetic themes:

I love checking in with both sites and seeing how the reports match up with my experiences. So cool to see the trends and be able to prepare myself for what’s to come. I hope that you find them useful too!

I am loving today’s reading from Oracle Report: “There is an interesting aspect to today’s energy that brings second chances with things. Something may return to you – a renewed interest, proposal, or opportunity; something forgotten; or a person with whom you’ve lost contact. We always want to pay attention to synchronicities, but today these will take form to bring something back to us.  What’s showing up for you?” That message was received in Divine Timing for me. Thankful for these forecasts reminding me that I am not an island, and what I am experiencing is also going on for others. We really are ONE.

In honor of supportive energies, I am offering Oracle Readings via phone or email (I will draw upon Runes, Tarot, Angel Cards, and other decks as intuitively guided) and Distance Reiki Sessions to assist you. We can do these sessions remotely, so regardless of your location, you can receive such help. Both the Oracle Readings (10-15 min) and Distance Reiki Sessions (30-60 min) are offered on a Sliding Scale basis. That means you pay whatever you feel drawn to (no amount is too small!) before your scheduled session. Schedule your reading or session with me via email or phone: reikieverything@gmail.com – 845.418.2211

Cheers to being vibrant, clear, and aligned!


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