Turning Trash Into Treasure

A spark has recently lit within me to be more efficient and turn “trash” into treasure. There is so much over-consumption going on in our world! What if everything we need already exists? What if we can transform everyday throwaway things into useful tools? I discovered a website today that I am really loving for DIY trash/treasure projects! It is called BrightNest. (Also very appropriate, as I am in “nesting” mode!). One of my favorite posts by them is totally crafty, fun, and efficient: BrightNest’s Top 10 DIY Blog Posts.  Small projects are great, but let’s think larger. Like “using old tires and bottles to build an eco-friendly home” larger. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s a very real concept! It’s called an Earthship! A friend of ours first introduced these to us, and I am so grateful! If you are looking for a great documentary to watch and have an hour & 1/2 to spare, I highly recommend the Garbage Warrior Documentary. You’ll learn so much about Earthships by watching this video!

We are inspired to create our own Earthship and also start an Eco-Earthship Community with like-minded individuals and families. So we can commune with the natural elements daily, watch our childen grow & play like beautiful wildflowers, harvest our own food, gather around the bonfire to connect and give thanks. . .

Help us to turn our dream into reality! Visit http://www.gofundme.com/earthship to make a donation!

If you have any great DIY project ideas that you’d love to pass along, please post in the comments section!


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