Cleansing Ritual

In preparation for 2012 (the post-Christmas clean-up, the New Year’s resolutions, the new workout regimen, intentions, etc.) ~ don’t forget to take the time to cleanse and love yourself! I have always been very interested in learning about and trying ancient cleansing rituals such as Roman Bathing and Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremonies. Each culture has always had special and sacred rituals for cleansing the body-temple. Our bodies house our souls, so why not take the greatest care of these vessels? After the holiday eating and high loads of stress, now can be a perfect time to start. Here are some of my favorite cleansing methods (several of which have roots in Ayurveda):

  • tongue scraping
  • neti pot (nasal irrigation)
  • infrared sauna (sweating!)
  • colonics/enemas (be sure to implant a probiotic of some form afterwards)
  • external clay application
  • internal clay consumption
  • drinking the purest water available
  • dry skin brushing
  • ear candling
  • herbal tonic teas
  • coating the body with coconut oil, aloe vera, or high-potency herbal blends (try Living Libations products! Nadine is an alchemical wizard with the herbal combinations she creates)
  • oil pulling (swishing coco oil in mouth for 15 min, then spitting out and brushing teeth)
  • rebounding on a trampoline
  • lymphatic decongestive therapy
  • massage with herbal body oils
  • consuming sole solution in water (himalayan salts diluted with water)


Hope these simple additions to your cleansing regimen help boost your health and confidence to new levels! Cheers to 2012!


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