What is Reiki?

Reiki is a beautiful healing energy which has completely transformed my life and my health. I am eager to share this unconditionally loving energy with the world! In hearing the question “what is Reiki?” so often, I finally stumbled across an article that I feel accurately describes it. Your body is a self-healing instrument, designed to identify and heal its own imbalances. A Reiki Practitioner assists you in achieving a state of deep relaxation so that your body is able to heal itself in the most effective way. If you are interested in experiencing a Reiki session, then I greatly recommend that you find a Practitioner that resonates with you. You can contact me anytime at 845.418.2211

Enjoy the article!

Reiki: Hype or Help?



3 thoughts on “What is Reiki?

  1. Patricia your are so light-ful. I love that we have been able to connect and look forward to future adventures. This article is great!
    Thank you for the distance Reiki ❤

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