Healing Symbolism

Upon delving deeper into Sacred Symbolism, I crossed paths with the beauty and healing of the Antahkarana. Being deeply committed to my path as a Reiki Facillitator, my soul is ever-thirsty for information that aligns me with my Highest Good and allows me to create a more harmonious environment conducive to healing, growth, and love-filled expansion. Reiki & meditation are two of my top favorite tools for evolution! The Antahkarana greatly supports both of the aforementioned tools! Simply by looking at the image or having it around you creates a healing and light-filled environment. It aligns you with your Higher Consciousness and opens up the channels for nurturing the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. The symbol has a consciousness of its own, and its healing effects are completely customized to the person coming into contact with it. It is never harmful and always beneficial. The ancient wisdom and energy associated with the Antahkarana is profound!  This ancient healing and meditation symbol has been used in China and Tibet for thousands of years — and I am all about the tried-and-true ancient healing techniques!  There is no known written record of where the Antahkarana symbol originated and its use in ancient times was very secretive. At this time of our planetary evolution, it is very useful for us to have things such as the Antahkarana come to light.

I invite you to add the use of the Antahkarana into your everyday life. You can print out the different images (Male, Female, Cosmic Cross, Square) and use them however you may feel intuitively guided. Perhaps you want to place one of the symbols near your desk at work, beneath a massage table before treatment, in your wallet, in your room for use during meditation, etc. Each of the different Antahkarana symbols creates a different effect, so I recommend that you research a bit on each one before integrating them into your healings and meditations.

Posted here is the Female version, intended for creating greater compassion within oneself.

Enjoy these sacred symbols!


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