Mood Food

On the path to consciousness and enlightenment, it is absolutely vital to create an optimal diet for yourself. This diet should be comprised of nourishing foods, living water, clean air, groundedness/connection to the earth, and conscious information. The body, mind, emotions, and spirit must all be fed. They are all important. Value what you put into your body and it will serve you well. Pray over your food and drinks and they will become sacred sustenance. The power of intention is strong indeed! It is much more healthful to consume a meal lovingly prepared at home versus a fancy restaurant meal made with frustration and anger. Intention is what plants seeds and helps them grow. Plant healthy seeds into rich soil. Be mindful and trust/follow your intuition. We are co-Creators in this Universe. You can create your existence however you choose. What do you choose? A life abundant in health, wealth, and sovereignty or a life filled with disease, “not-enough’s,” and fearful dependencies? The choice is yours! And that’s a beautiful thing…to have choice.

So what are some of the best forms of nutriment? Firstly, enjoy filling your brainspace with uplifting and encouraging information. Brain food is that which yields growth. Savor change, new experiences, journeys to distant lands to learn of foreign cultures, art, music, books, affirmations, etc. Always remember, garbage in/garbage out. What you give is what you get. And what you get is what you give. So keep your brainwaves happy with food for thought! If you feel good then you will manifest good!

Another major source of nourishment is water. Not the “water” in a plastic leaching bottles transported across the world to reach your dinner table. But rather, the wild and free liquid nutrition coming straight from the earth after being filtered within the earth’s layers for thousands of years. Water in its natural form is living and conscious. Do you know where to collect water locally in your environment? An excellent website database called Find A Spring lists local springs where you can take your glass jugs and fill ’em up! Truly a wonderful experience when you collect your own water…with a fresh breeze surrounding you, your bare feet planted upon the earth. Which leads to another amazing form of nutrition — groundedness.

So many people walk around ungrounded, heads in the clouds. When was the last time you took your shoes off and stood barefoot upon the natural earth? Try it and feel the difference! You will be amazed at how centered it makes you feel. Nothing like the love of Mother Earth and the Universe! A company called Barefoot Connections sells grounding devices for your bed and office. Using a grounding sheet on your bed makes an astonishing difference in respect to your sleeping patterns and the way you feel upon waking. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and encounter the shift in how creative your thoughts become.

Some high-vibration foods to consume are locally-sourced fresh and wild foods. Organic is also great. It makes so much sense to eat that which is in your immediate environment. It is made of the soil, air, and water you need for your specific geographic location. How silly would it be to see an African Tiger eating a Kangaroo imported from Australia? That’s how the majority of people are eating! Eating unlocal foods is harmful to the body and to the environment due to the fuel/transportation necessary for shipping the stuff! Also, most fruits/vegetables are picked in their unripened state so that they “look good” upon getting to store shelves. It’s time to stop focusing solely on appearances and time to start going to the core. It’s beneficial to ask questions such as “where did this come from?” in regards to everything — especially your food & water! Wild foods are the stronger and smarter older sibling of organic foods. They are heirloom strains which include the original genetic blueprint of the plants. Great building blocks for body, mind, emotions, and spirit! Some great wild foods include wild-caught fish & game, wild rice, local wild-harvested herbs, and raw unpasteurized milk/butter/cheese/cream. A typical dinner for me while in Florida is wild-caught Key West shrimp cooked in local butter, Florida coast salt, and local basil. It’s a simple way to eat and it creates profound effects psychologically and physiologically. Consuming wild foods takes your health to a whole new level!

Boost your mood! Eat enlightening food 😉



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