In the Beginning…

Hello! What a pleasure to be here and have the opportunity to share my thoughts in this sacred space. The purpose of this blog is to create an environment that is inspiring for us to align with our Highest Good and to generate an atmosphere that feels comfortable in the sharing of our unique impressions. Topics will range from health, women’s issues, music/film/literature, alternative healing methods, favorite finds, travel/culture, photography, the metaphysical, etc. If I had to categorize myself, I would definitely fall into the “Miscellaneous” category. And this blog is also Miscellaneous. I invite you to read my posts with an open heart and mind. And I invite you to share from your heart too.

The ability for us as people to not only be able to share emotions, but the spoken and written word as well, is a great gift! The power and creative potential contained within words is fascinating! We see everyday how the creative power of words affects our realities. Words can be used to harm or heal. Create blessings or spells of “black magic.” Spoken word first originated for the sake of healing. Perhaps something like the word “Aum” or “Om.” Sound vibrations alter ones physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Look into the works of Dr. Masaru Emoto and his studies of water molecules & words/emotions. If we are comprised of about 75% water, then our bodies are equally receptive to words as are the water molecules contained within us. A beautiful and melodic song can lift your soul to heights of inspiration almost instantly. Harsh, cruel words spoken to someone (or to yourself) can create disorder and disharmonious vibrations. The practice of spoken/written affirmations is a deeply healing experience. Try it sometime! Tell yourself how beautiful, intelligent, blessed, unique, and special you are. Tell yourself that all of your needs are always met with ease and Divine Guidance. Feel the love and light within you that is you. Also, “don’t just think it, ink it!” Writing down your goals and affirmations is a powerful practice.

The title of this blog is “Divine Timing.” I feel that Divine Timing guides and governs all that is present in this life. Everything . . .”good” and “bad”. . . has a place and a time and a purpose. It is because it is meant to be. Funny to see how events and outcomes that we wish had different immediate results always unfold into something magickally meaningful. As “time” passes we receive greater clarity as to the inner workings of our precious lives. We realize that God/Universe is always with us and FOR US, and that everything is always in Divine Timing. When one door closes, another opens. But the new door cannot open until the old one is closed. Remove yourself from that which is of the past and no longer serving you. Forgive, heal, move on . . . clean up the old stagnant energy in your life and move on to the fresh, new, and fertile. Now is the perfect time. Spring cleaning is underway! Clean up the cobwebs and plant some seeds into the healthy soil. Sit back in loving reverence and watch how the Universe always delivers. “Ask and you shall receive!”

I leave you for now with this clip by Abraham Hicks. Sign up for her daily quotes! They are very inspirational and add another dose of positively creative words into your day!

The next post will be up . . . in Divine Timing 😉



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